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Where to get Quality wigs around Nigeria

Where to get Quality wigs around Nigeria

Where to get quality wigs around Nigeria.

A woman can be well dressed and fabulously made up, but once her hair is out of place, her appearance becomes downgraded. Wigs are a must have for every woman, and they come in very handy on occasions where you don’t have a good hair on or none at all. A few young ladies do not like wearing wigs because they have this myth that wigs are meant for older women. These fine strands of human hair put together in form of a cap actually originated because of cancer.

Note that massive hair loss is one of the gravest symptoms of cancer, which leads to the patients scrapping off all of their hair. In a bid to cover this artificial baldness, friends and families of cancer patients cut off their own hair to make wigs for their loved ones. This is not the case in today’s fashion world; wigs are the new sexy items of fashion, as it not only covers unkempt hair, it adds class to the wearer.

Wigs are made from different materials, and classified into different categories as well as prices. From the cheap ones made of synthetic fibres to the expensive wigs made from strands of human hair. The later has features that make them ultra-comfortable for those with sensitive scalps caused by chemotherapy or alopecia areata.

Getting the right wig, in terms of colour, style and texture is usually difficult for most ladies. This is why we put together this article to help you choose your first synthetic orΒ human hair wig.

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1. Learn about Wig Terms and Features

Always read the manual of any wig you plan to purchase while it’s still on the shelf. What exactly do the terms lace front, wefted, synthetic, Remy, feather-light, and silk cap mean?

If you are buying online you can also check the wig return policy and insurance policy, if any. Make sure you can return the wig within a reasonable length of time without a restocking fee, just in case you don’t like what was sent to you. This will help you avoid any mistakes or regret in the long run.

2. Learn the Difference between Synthetic and Real Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs can be cut and styled using curlers and tongs. They can also be parted in different ways, and most often have lace-fronts, that looks like natural hairline. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, have less natural hairlines and often cannot be parted or re-styled.

Although synthetic wigs are easier to wash and dry, they are cheaper than real hair wigs and lasts less longer than human hair wigs. Having this in mind, find out what you are paying for, so you do not end up buying synthetic wigs at the price of real hair.

3. Try Out The Wig

Except you are buying online, where this option is less feasible, always try out your wig to know if it fits your head and also if it suits your face. Do not tilt to the comment of the seller, because they will always say its perfect on you.

Let the mirror be the judge. Also, go with your instinct while making this choice as they most times turn out non-misleading.

4. Know the Kind of Wig To Buy


Do not be in a hurry to invest money that can rent a house into buying a hair that you will regret. Real hair wigs require a lot of upkeep while synthetic wigs are much easier to maintain even when some look and feel natural. So like I mentioned earlier, decide on what category you want and the style you prefer – curly, wavy, spiral, straight, fringed, long, short, etc.

5. Consult a Friend

A close and trusted friend can be your alternative mirror when fitting a wig. It’s always good to have someone there to support you and give you honest feedback as a second opinion is useful in making big decisions like wig investments.

Go with a friend to the wig shop, not the one that would nod in agreement to every hair you put on. You can also take a picture of the wig on you and send to someone who knows good hair to also get a view on β€œhow it looks on you”.

6. Choose Your Color Match


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