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Solution for flat tummy in Nigeria

Solution for flat tummy in Nigeria

How to get flat tummy without stress and where to get cream for flat tummy in Nigeria. Call or watsap 07019504188

With celeb fans (reported to include Elle Macpherson and Madonna) this gel contains fig extract to break down fatty cells and a neuropeptide that boosts cell metabolism. Tests say it can reduce the abdominal area by up to 2cm in eight weeks.

Tested By: Joanne Griffiths, 31, from Penzance, Cornwall

“I’m a slim size 10, but since having my sons Kaea, five and Tama, two, I’ve developed a tum that looks out of proportion with the rest of my body.

“This cream felt luxurious and indulgent, but a little didn’t go a long way; I had to apply a lot to cover my whole tum. I definitely felt a difference by week two. But I overindulged on chocolate for the next two weeks and at the end of the testing, my belly was back to its normal size. I like the product but it’s way too pricey to buy again.”

SCORE: 6/10

Waist Before: 28in WAIST AFTER: 28in (27in in week two)

Dove Spa Firm Believer Tummy Contouring Concentrate, Β£26.00 FOR 2x50ml (

An intensive two-week treatment that contains active coffee and herbal extracts to reduce fat stores and a Lipolytic Complex to attack cellulite, plus evening primrose oil to improve skin elasticity.

Tested By: Emma Cunningham, 31, from Spalding, Lincolnshire

“I hate my belly I cover it up at all costs! The smell of the cream was lovely but the texture wasn’t great, it was quite difficult to rub in. After application, my skin felt a little tighter but sadly it did nothing to help melt away the fat.”

Waist Before: 32in

Waist After: 32in

SCORE: 3/10

Phytomer Ab Sculptor, Β£42.50, 200ml (

This contains extracts of maritime pine bark, which is thought to help your body restore its natural fat-burning abilities, plus a brown seaweed extract that discourages the formation of new fat.

Tested By: Rhiannon Martin, 23, from Romford, Essex

“The cream smelt gorgeous and made my skin softer than normal. But I can’t say it made anything tighter or more toned. I definitely didn’t lose any inches. It may work better on thinner people but did nothing much for me on the slimming front. It’s a lovely moisturiser though.”

Waist Before: 35in

Waist After: 35in

SCORE: 5/10


Shaper, Β£35.00, 100ml (

Heralded as ‘the holy grail’ of slimming creams, this product contains a blend of nine toning and tightening ingredients including plants and extracts reknowned for their ‘fat-blasting’ properties.

Tested By: Aimee Bamber, 21, from West Ewell, Surrey “My son Theo is 14 months old but I still have a wobbly tummy. I was delighted to find that my skin felt firmer and tighter on using the cream.

“And using it over the month made me more determined to lose extra inches so I started walking to work instead of lazily taking the car.

“As a result I lost half an inch on my tummy. It’s not a miracle cream but combined with exercise it might just work.”

Waist Before: 30.5in

Waist After: 30in

SCORE: 7/10

Nip & FAB TUMMY FIX, Β£19.25, 100ml

(Boots and

Described as a ‘daily ab toner’ for the belly, this cream contains a formula called ‘amarashape’ with active ingredients synephrine to smooth and tighten and caffeine to burn away fat cells.

Tested By: Georgie Brown-Felpts, 22, from Worthing, West Sussex. “Although I’m a size 10, after having my 9lbs 5.5oz daughter, I’ve stretched so much that I can’t get my flat tummy or tight skin back. After the first few days of testing my skin felt much smoother and softer.

“By the end of the week, everything seemed like it was tightening up in the tummy region and by the end of the month, I definitely felt flatter. It would have got top marks if it was a little cheaper!”

Waist Before: 30 inches

Waist After: 29 inches



TUMMY, Β£26 (0207 907 0301)

A formula enriched with blackthorn fruit to fight skin slackening and a firming extract derived from almond to give an instant tightening sensation TESTED BY: Janine Greengrass, 39, from Elgin, Moray “It would be a miracle if a cream could solve the problems of a three-baby jelly-belly, but I was ready to give anything a go!

“Although it looks like phlegm, which was a little off-putting to say the least, it smelt gorgeous, absorbed quickly and felt very luxurious on my skin. “However, after a month’s testing, my tummy was just as round and flabby as ever. When I told my eldest daughter I was using the cream to make my tummy go away she burst into tears, wailing that she loved my lovely, squishy belly and wouldn’t have anything nice to cuddle anymore. So that’s my silver lining!”

Waist Before: 33in

Waist After: 33in

SCORE: 2/10

L’oreal Body Expertise Sculpt Up, Β£7.99, 200ml (0800 030 4032)

The firming polymers in this gel promise a similar effect to wearing a pair of body toning tights, while algae extracts reinforce the skin’s natural support tissues.

Tested By: Sally McIntosh, 27, from Falkirk.

“I’d do anything to get out of my big-girl tummy-hugging torture knickers, and if a cream could help me, then that’s a big bonus. It had an almost school PVA-glue smell in the bottle but the minute you start to apply it, the L’Oreal trademark clean and fresh scent came through.

“It was very moisturising and my skin definitely felt softer and smoother with less lumpy and orange-peel bits, but I can’t say it flattened my tummy I’m afraid.

“I’ve dropped a dress size since using the cream and can finally get back into my size 12 skinny jeans, but that’s probably more to do with the fact that I had flu and wasn’t eating much.”

Waist Before: 42in

Waist After: 40in


Bliss The Love Handler, Β£30.70, 250ml (

A gel that’s billed as a ‘liquid workout for lazy abdominals’. It contains mint oil to stimulate circulation plus slow-releasing caffeine and amino acids to boost cellular metabolism and shift fat.

Tested By: Caz O’Doherty, 34, from Bristol “I’m a mum of four and had the last three of my pregnancies in five years.

This smelt minty, felt zingy and heated up when rubbed in so it really seemed like something positive was happening. It definitely tightened the tummy area but it didn’t transform me into a size 8. “I lost no visible inches. It may have helped keep extra inches off, though, as I was laid up with a broken foot for the month and did no exercise whatsoever. So I’ll keep using it and may buy it again.”

Waist Before: 30in

Waist After: 30in

SCORE: 6/10

Thalgo Slim & SCULPT EXPERT FLAT STOMACH, Β£41.20, 125ml (

This ‘gel corset’ formula contains ingredients including green coffee and yerba mate herbal tea to help break down fat.

Tested By: Rachel Pope, 33, from Newcastle

“I’m always looking for new ways to lose weight, so was really excited to try this gel.

“After a few days of use my tummy skin was smooth and felt more toned and firm, too.

“It encouraged me to eat healthier and even indulge in more exercise (some jogging and the vibro plate at the gym).

“As a result I lost a couple of inches off my stomach! I’m not sure if I credit it to the gel, though. The exercise was probably more to do with it, but I still love the way it made my tum feel more toned.”

Waist Before: 36in

Waist After: 34in

SCORE: 7/10

Lierac Morphoslim For Stomach And Waist, Β£22.40, 100ml (

This contains oat polysaccharides for an immediate ‘cosmetic girdle’ effect, brown algae extract to help break down fat and a ‘lipo-reverse’ complex to turn fat cells into firmer cells.

Tested By: Paula Wynne, 46, from Andover, Hampshire “Since rediscovering a picture of myself in a bikini from years back, I’ve yearned to get the flat tummy I had! “I’ve recently lost weight but needed help to tone my tummy.

“The texture was soft and silky and really smoothed my skin, but I didn’t experience the immediate ‘cosmetic girdle’ effect it promised and haven’t seen any dramatic differences in my measurements. I’ll keep using the cream though as it’s a gorgeous body moisturiser.”

Waist Before: 31.5in

Waist After: 31.5in

SCORE: 6/10


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