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Native wears

Nowadays, menโ€™s native wears are constantly gaining traction because of their simplicity and multi-functionality. However, many men are wearing these outfits wrong, particularly with the wrong accessories.
therefore, these mistakes shall be no more. Thatโ€™s why in this article, weโ€™ll show you fashion mistakes youโ€™ve been making when wearing native wears and how to avoid them.
Trouser Length
The length of your native trouser is very essential in the overall outlook of your native attire. A common mistake among the men is allowing their trousers a bit below their ankle. This causes the trouser to fall on their shoe and possibly cover half of the shoe.
Sometimes, the trousers even sweep the floor. Trousers that sweep the floor arenโ€™t pleasing to the eyes, neither do they make you look good. Rather, they make you look like a man from the 70โ€™s. To look crisp and stylish, ensure that your trouser length stops on your ankle, right above your shoe.
Also, ensure that the over-all attire is well fitted. It shouldnโ€™t droop over your body, it should sit. No matter how well-built you are, baggy traditional wears will conceal your body and make you look shabby.

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