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modelling agencies in Nigeria

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Modelling Agencies in Nigeria

Well paid modelling Agencies you can register and start being a good model call 07019504188

Look through top 10 modelling agencies in Nigeria to choose the best one. You need to have a solid training background to become a top model not only in Nigeria but far abroad. Keep reading to conquer runways worldwide! Is it possible to become a model known overseas? Nigerian girls are considered to be the prettiest on the African continent. They have lots of chances to become famous not only in Nigeria but the USA and Europe. To achieve it, beauties should be fully prepared for conquering runways. Fashion modelling is a hard job that requires lots of skills. Do you want to be taught by real professionals? Then, keep reading this review of top 10 modelling agencies in Nigeria. The best Nigerian models studied at these agencies The following modeling agencies have a good reputation. However, it is up to you to decide which one to choose. The information is updated and can be useful for aspiring models:

Y-Ray Models It is a well-known agency which gives excellent career opportunities for Nigerian girls. Hundreds of well-trained beauties graduate from Y-Ray every year. High salaries and fame are the things you can quickly get once you have studied here. Male, female, and children are accepted. You can register on the website www.yraymodels.comor Exquisite models international It is clear what the word β€œinternational” implies: more chances to be spotted abroad. The aim of this agency is to find beautiful and diligent girls, train them and promote them as world class models. The models get paid high. Some of them have already set up their own model agencies. Only females are accepted. To find out more, click here Fashion Instinct modeling agency It is an establishment of top class. Fashion Instinct is situated in Lagos. Its central office is based in Florida, USA. They focus on model training, model management, commercial and runway modelling. Male and female models are welcome. To learn more, click here Beige Model Management This agency is situated in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. They train astonishing models and pay well too. Their girls are competitive in the world of fashion modelling. Female and male are accepted. You can call to register: 07019504188.

Black Dove model agency One more agency situated in Lagos is Black Dove. Beauties get professional training here. Only real fashion models leave the agency to work abroad. Female and male can study and work here though girls significantly outnumber guys. To register, call: 07019504188 ISIS Model Management It is one of the biggest model agencies in Nigeria. ISIS Model Management is famous for producing the greatest number of beauties who have conquered the most prestigious runways. Visit the website for more: Iris Modelling Agency It used to be called Glam Model Management. Iris is a quickly developing agency in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Males and females are trained and managed in this agency. They will get an excellent knowledge as far as modeling career is concerned. Among their graduates are models who have been shot into world stardom. For more details, call: 07019504188

Few Models Agency Surely, Few Model is the leading agency in Lagos, Nigeria. Young ladies turn into talented and second to none professional models there. Lots of girls would like to be trained here as it is a golden chance for career. To register, call or send an e-mail: 07019504188

Wave Model Management Its headquarters is situated in Italy. Wave Model Management has developed into an enormous size. A couple of African countries including Nigeria have been affiliated with it. Models of this agency are given opportunities to travel abroad for the coolest fashion shows. Their preference is females. Their address is GRA Port Harcourt city. For more details, call: 07019504188

Beth Model Management Africa Ex-model Elizabeth Isorho-Aisien founded the agency in 2004. It is situated in Lagos, Victoria Island. The aim of Beth modelling school is to become number 1 in the fashion industry. For more details, call: 07019504188 Make the right decision since your future is at stake. Work with the best to become the best.

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