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Makeup To make you look fresher and younger

Makeup To make you look fresher and younger

Makeup That will make you look fresher and yoinger. Learn to this makeup For your own good.

As a makeup artist, I get to meet clients from different walks of life, and get exposed to many different preferences when it comes to what they deem “pretty”. The one consensus across the board however, has always been: “How can my makeup help me look younger”?

It’s no secret that the hunt for anti-aging skin regimes and make up for that Korean dewy, “I haven’t aged a day since I turned 30” look has been on an exponential rise in the past few years. Make up used to be an art of piling it on as thick as possible to add dramatics to our look. Today, make up is more of a tool to help ladies look and feel just that little bit fresher – and younger. Because why not?

Follow these 5 simple steps and watch your instant make up transformation that will leave you going, “Hey! Who turned back the clock?”

1. Clean Skin

No, we don’t mean unrealistic Photoshop airbrush makeup (though who wouldn’t want that?) We mean pampered skin; radiant and glowing through a religious routine of gentle exfoliation and skin care. Contrary to popular belief, it’s never too early to explore Anti-Aging options – prevention is always easier to manage than cure. Your skin will be thanking you in the long run, especially if you’ll be wearing make up most of the time!

With our Anti-Aging BB Cream by day, and our Night Treatment powderby night, you’ll have healthy, youthful looking skin round the clock!

2. Conceal & Correct

The bane of nearly every woman’s existence? Dark circles. Yup! While we ladies should be proud of how much we manage to accomplish in 24hours, nothing spells A-G-E like tired looking eyes with panda rims to match. Instantly take 5 years off with the right colour-correctors and concealers, which neutralize discolouration and brighten under-eyes, to look fresher and more awake!

Try our organic Camouflage Cream, which hydrates, heals and nourishes skin while concealing those pesky pigmentations.

3. Stay away from the cake

As our skin matures, lines and wrinkles tend to be enhanced with the use of powdered products. A common misconception is that packing on powder on the entire face adds coverage and helps face makeup last longer. Sure, but what you end up with are accentuated lines and wrinkles, and flaking skin.

Instead, only use a light dusting (and by that we mean just one swipe of the brush) of loose powder in shine-prone areas like the T-zone and the chin. This will leave skin looking radiant and glowing in all the right places.

For a lightweight matte finish, which smoothens out mature and textured skin, you’ll want our all-natural Matte Mineral Powder Foundation (sold handy with a dispensable brush),

4. Get an instant “eye-lift”

As much as we hate to admit it, our eyes aren’t like they used to be when we were younger. Thankfully, we have some tips for eye makeup too!

Instantly get an “eye-lift” by keeping your eye shadows to bright earth tones (think cream, pearl, beige, yellow gold). Darker shades may bring out the dark circles under your eyes, and anything too colourful makes your makeup look dated.

Lift even higher by keeping your eyeliner close to the lashline, and then flicking the ends just a little to create the illusion of less droopy lids.

For all our eyeliner fans out there, our 70% organic Liquid Liner promises all day, smudge-proof definition!

5. Fuller brows and brighter lips

Eyebrows frame your face and can instantly make you look more put together even before any makeup. Thicker, fuller brows can help shave off years as it conveys an image of youthfulness, fresh out of puberty.

Fill in any sparse areas with a powder that is a shade lighter than your natural hair color, and go ahead and experiment with a thicker brow shape. This creates the illusion of more hairs, and hence more youthful looking brows!

Lastly, many of my mature clients always tell me they stay away from reds and pinks when choosing lipstick because well, in short, “those days are long gone”. And I tell them that there is nothing further from the truth!

I love playing with a pop of colour for these ladies. Nothing too loud, just a shade or two brighter than your natural lip colour. This instantly pulls the entire look together, and brightens up your face so you look radiant and youthful!

Fill in sparse brow hairs with our 70% organic Brow Powder, and finish off with a swipe of one of our Lip Butters or Lip Glaze!

Remember ladies, practice makes perfect!

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