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Latest Ankara tops with jean and plain trouser styles

Latest Ankara tops with jean and plain trouser styles

We love ankara (also known as kitenge). There’s no doubt about that. There’s a certain something about wearing those flashy prints that makes African women feel flambouyant. And it’s not just African women too. So, if you love you some Ankara, then you’ll definitely have ankara tops in your wardrobe.

So maybe we love Ankara a little too much but we are certain that several African women feel the same way. We’ve already devoted several article to why Ankara is gorgeous and an absolute must-have. So, there is no need to rehash that.

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These days, women are no longer wearing full-on Ankara outfits but a touch of Ankara – Ankara tops, accessories and turbans. So, today we’ll be doing a little something about the numerous ways to pair Ankara tops with jeans (or any) trousers.

The casual Ankara style is becoming quite popular among African ladies so here are a couple of Ankara tops to inspire you the next time you pay a visit to your fashion designer:

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