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Ladies classic wears around Nigeria

Ladies classic wears around Nigeria

Ladies classic wears you can get around Nigeria in any of the states you can call us on 07019504188

If you are an outsider (people that are not Nigerians) wondering about Nigeria fashion, this page is for you.
 I know you are probably sitted there wondering about Nigerian fashion and why we dress the way we do or perhaps you are married to a Nigerian man/woman

and just chose to look up information on โ€˜how Nigerians dressโ€™ or why we are often seen on locally made Buba and shokoto.

Take the Nigerian woman for instance, who would rather be garbed in a native attire with professionally made head-gears then the European usual suit/hat attire.

This is about fashion in Nigeria and the peopleโ€™s dress code, Nigerian fashion is gaining a wider acceptance by the day.

Late in the early nineties a man who is dressed in buba and shokoto would definitely fall out of range in a city like London but today it is very much accepted, African culture and way of life have been given due recognition and things are falling in place.

Are you planning on visiting Nigeria and really donโ€™t want to look out of order, are you worried about how to dress to feel and look like a Nigerian? well lets help you, we are here for you.

Nigeria Fashion includes those made of local and imported fabrics, we have professional fashion designers in Nigeria who specializes in making clothes for the citizens and the rest of the world who are desperately yearning to have a feel of Nigerian wears and style of clothing.

The Nigeria fashion designers make the first list of world designers.

The Fashion magazine showcases arrays of fashion designer and their beautiful works, also included are makeup tips
that are designed to fit any clothing pattern.

There are fashion for Nigerian men and there are also clothing styles and materials that are โ€˜just for the ladiesโ€™

The Nigerian fashion has trend for both men and women. Some of the companies designing for men are Ayo Salako Clothing, South pole, Phil, African Design Center. A few of the womenโ€™s fashion companies are El- Shaddai fashions, Africa styles African Clothing, Temi Gees fashions to name a few.

Generally damask cloth is used to make the traditional wear of Nigeria as well as Bay African Fabric.

There are also imported trends that are very popular in this part of the world, the likes of Kelvin Clein, Versace and many others

But then you can place an order through us with 07019504188 for any kind of Nigerian attire with images and all, we would deliver at an agreed destination. Whether it is aso ebi or buba, agbada, contact us immediately.
But if you live in Nigeria or have the opportunity of visiting Nigerian in the nearest future you can walk into any tailoring firm and place your order with description

Lots of fashion show are being organized often to separate and honor Nigerian exceptional Designers/dress makers and โ€˜everyoneโ€™ is invited. If you want to have a feel of the Nigerian fashion I think this would definitely be a good time.

The day is taken by models dressed in different attire, showcasing professional works of art and array of designs

The Nigerian fashion is an integral part of the people of Nigerian. Even though the relevance is fading with each passing day (as most youths now dress comfortably on western attire, leaving out the Nigerian traditional wears)

Nigerian attire is still the best for most traditional events.
Here is a more fascinating article about how Nigerians dress.

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