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Beaded necklace in Nigeria

Beaded necklace in Nigeria

Choosing colors for your bead necklaces is a whole art. There are so many colours palettes, and they are not limited only to a few choices. The proper selection of the necessary colors that will look great together is really important. For instance, usually, the bright neon color palettes look nice combined with each other, just as pastel tones which complement one another. This usually depends on personal preference and the whole purpose of your look

There are some combinations of colours that look especially good together, so you can choose the necklace and base your whole outfit on them. For example, yellow looks great with red, since they are the fire colors, and blue complements brown – they can symbolize sky and earth. There are some special tones that will make an accent on the beauty of your skin – ivory, milky-white, beige and mustard. These colours will look spectacular with basically everything. As we have already mentioned, golden colour is a universal and can complement any look and any attire.

Shapes of beads can be different too, and if you thought they can only be shaped as a regular necklace, you were mistaken. The Nigerian ladies often wear collar necklaces, braided jewelry, patterned chokers, necklaces with flowers made of beads, bead strings, leaves and many other fashion choices.

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