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Ankara jacket and trouser styles in Nigeria

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Ankara jacket and trouser styles in Nigeria

Ankara Trousers can be tailored to fit your needs – no matter your body type or size. This fabric which is made of cotton is light, breathable and can be maintained easily.

Ankara trousers can be sewn using a mix of colourful prints. This bold style is sure to turn heads and can be achieved in many exciting ways. The pictures in this post are to serve as inspiration to help you come up with a style that fits your figure.

Buying commercial or ready-made trousers often presents us with fitting problems. They will almost not likely fit your body perfectly. You then have to make the appropriate adjustments to get the trousers to perfectly fit with your measurements. All in allβ€”it’s a waste of time.

If you wish to save time, try coming up with your own African trousers pattern using one of these latest Ankara trouser styles and give your body its desired fit.

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