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Ankara bags and shoes and how to make them

Ankara bags and shoes and how to make them

The popularity of Ankara bags continues to grow every day. Many girls choose them for their outfits. These fabrics look simply flawless. You can create anything you want with them. Bags, wallets, purses – all these are integral parts of the appearance of a woman. With these things, she feels confident and beautiful.

Surely Ankara bags are fabulous. But there is one minus. These bags only go perfectly with dresses which are sewn from the same fabric as the bag. It may seem strange or ridiculous. But a true connoisseur of style will immediately understand that this is normal!

It is a pity, but you will not see a large selection of Ankara bags in the markets. Mostly they are ordered from manufacturers or on the Internet. There are two types of Ankara bags – casual and evening.

Now it is time to discuss shoe designs. Ankara footwear is also known as African print shoes. They are as beautiful as these bags. Ankara shoes are loved around the world. There are so many trends that you will find a lot of great shoes for your outfit. The most popular variants are heels, flats, and sneakers.

You can see that these shoes are fabulous. You can wear them with almost any outfit. In addition, Ankara shoes are also very comfortable.

Ankara bags and shoes are always in trend. If you choose the right outfits you will definitely look stunning.

How to make Ankara bags and shoes

A lot of women wish to make Ankara bags by themselves. They don’t want to spend too much money. Let’s find out how to do it.

1. An old bag.

2. Ankara fabric.

3. Glue.

4. Knife.

5. Scissors.

You can use an old one bag to refashion something new. Remove all the clamps and zippers from it. If you can’t do it with your hands, use the knife. Remember not to break them. You will need those clamps.

If the material of your handbag is shabby or flaky then these limitations must be removed. Don’t forget to cut the clutch lining. Just cut the seams open to clip the drapery over the edge and glue it inside between the insert and the purse material.

Then choose the Ankara fabric you would like to use. Measure it on the bag. It is important to know the size of the fabric and how the prints will be placed on the bag. You need to sort of wrap the clutch in the material. Record the size by putting some marks on the cloth.

Then open the clutch and fasten the fabric over the upper part. Go all the way around the bag to the other side. Be sure to leave about 5 cm extra material on each side. At this stage, cut out the textile.

If you have hot glue, you can use it. But the usual transparent universal adhesive is also suitable for fabric. Just make sure you do not use instant glue. Now, begin to glue the cloth from the lower edge that you cut loose. Leave some extra material at the top for clamping over the edge. Spread the gum on the front part of your bag. Glue the textile. Then fix the measurement and glue it between the clutch textile and the lining. Make a crisp bend, add some more adhesive and don’t forget to pull the fabric to avoid wrinkles.

Now you need to cut the over measure strips on the sides of your purse. The top edge should fit well inside the handbag. Now smear the rest of the bag with adhesive and glue the fabric.

As you remember, you have cut loose all the bag’s lining. Now you must roll the over measure over the part with the holds fixes. Apply glue inside. Then hide this distance between the lining and the material of the bag.

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