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Good tailors in Abuja,Lagos,calabar and uyo in Nigeria.

Good tailors in Abuja,Lagos,calabar and uyo in Nigeria.

Good tailors you can find in Abuja,lagos,calabar and uyo in Nigeria for your fashion wears or to hire them for clients cloth. This is the easiest way to get them around Nigeria.


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When I was leveling my first-ever shadow priest, I instinctively took the tailoring as one of my two main professions. I did it because I was leveling a cloth-wearing class and thought it’d be easier if I could make my gear. It never really occurred to me that I could actually make money through tailoring.

Of course, after exploring the auction house and learning more about my server’s economy, I realized that I couldmake money with tailoring — and in a number of different ways, to boot. It wasn’t easy money, to be sure; tailoring had a lot of weird quirks that made making a lot of money challenging. It doesn’t help that there are plenty of tailoring items being listed on the auction house at a price well below the material cost, either.

Sourcing your materials

For the most part, there aren’t any “cloth farmers.” You’ll seldom, if ever, find a person selling 20 stacks of Embersilk cloth at a time the way you might find someone selling whiptail or Elementium ore. It’s usually much smaller quantities from a much larger number of people — after all, everyone gets cloth drops if they’re out running content, but not everyone has a use for the stuff.

Finding a large quantity of cloth at a competitive price can be difficult if you rely on the auction house alone. That leaves you a couple of options:

  • Farm it up yourself. It’s slow and not very sexy, but there are a few areas where you can get a lot of cloth relatively quickly, if you have the stomach for repetitive killing. The Restless Front area of Tol Barad can be lucrative (if finish the job is not the daily), especially with many of the humanoid mobs there at low health. Just remember to use a potion of treasure finding if you’re going to be farming mobs like this for an extended period of time; it doeswork in Tol Barad. At the end of the day, there are plenty of places out there with gobs of humanoids. Find one that doesn’t have any competition for mobs, and you’re golden.
  • Talk to your guild. Barking in trade and trying to find cloth farmers typically isn’t as effective as talking to the people you already know. If your guild has a forum, go there and tell them you’re willing to buy any quantity of cloth COD. So long as you’re offering a competitive price, it’s a win-win — all that extra cloth would have just wound up going to the auction house (or worse yet, to a vendor).

The rest of the stuff you’ll need for tailoring are much easier to get. Volatiles are on the auction house in much greater quantity. Alternatively, volatile earth can be bought directly from miners and jewelcrafters, volatile life can be bought from herbalists, and volatile fire can be bought from those poor suckers obsessing over Molten Front dailies.

Oh, and this should go without saying, but if you’re not a tailor, don’t bother trying to go around and intentionally farm for cloth. We tailors have the benefit of Northtrend cloth sarvenging, which increases the amount of Embersilk Cloth that drops by a rather dramatic factor, too

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